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Zaslaver's Lab Multi-Animal Tracker


The Multi-Animal Tracker is a machine-learnign based software that anables tracking any moving organism.

It offers a high-throughput (e.g., ~100 worms at a time) and accurate tracking, as well as an easy end-to-end solution for acquiring movies, tracking individual animals and built-in analyses functions.

We also implemented a user-friendly GUI so no special programming skills are required to opertae the software.

The paper related to the software is:  A multi-animal tracker for studying complex behaviors, Itskovits et al. BMC Biology 2017.

To download the software click here (github repository).

This download includes a detailed step-by-step user manual together with exemplary movies to analyze.


Homogeneous Sets Finder

Homogeneous set structures are interesting networks structures, a generalization network motifs. For more information about homogeneous sets visit:

Azulay A, Itskovits E, Zaslaver A (2016) The C. elegans Connectome Consists of Homogenous Circuits with Defined Functional Roles. PLoS Comput Biol 12(9): e1005021. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1005021

We provide a generic pipeline that extracts homogeneous sets from any given network using its adjacency matrix as an input.

The code is available through github.


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